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Windkat chimney Cowl installation in the heart of Hampshire

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Hi Philip,

We have now had the Windkat installed for around a month and have had successful after successful after successful fire without any issues.

We had two installation companies visit our property and both said that they would not install a wood burner as they were 80-90% sure that it wouldn't work in our location. We live very close to trees and have a steep garden so they were assuring me that downdraft was sure to be a major issue. I tried to explain to one fitter about the Windkat cowl and how different they are from others, but he wouldn't listen to me and said that he they are all the same...

Went to the third company and mentioned about the downdraft concern but that I intend to install a Windkat cowl. The site survey was done and they were going to use a premium flue system with the Windkat and were very confident that it will work.

So far so good. We have seen the smoke blowing down so know that it is certainly working well as the fire seems to light and burn well. 

After many conversations with you, I am so glad that I took the plunge and had the burner installed with a Windkat on the flue. The company who installed the wood burner are so impressed, they will be giving it a recommendation to other clients that have the same issue. It works well and looks really cool too.

Great product and we are very happy and extremely toasty...

Kind regards


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