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Spinning Cowl or a Windkat Cowl???

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Hi there,

I have just replaced my spinning flue cap with the Windkat Cowl and would like to tell you what a difference it's made!

Due to our installation the flue is towards the minimum length allowable. A spinning cowl was fitted to assist with the draw, however due to the prevailing wind and surrounding structure it would only spin on a rare occasion.

Whilst the stove has remained usable and I absolutely love it, on some gusty days we would have issues with backdraft and on seriously windy days we've even had smoke being forced out of the stove through the air inlet into the room!

It was after the recent high winds that I stumbled upon the Windkat Cowl. As an aircraft engineer I recognised the principle behind the design (aircraft fuel systems use high pressure fuel to induce a motive flow in a jet pump) and knew it would be ideal for my installation.

Whilst it's still early days, I've noticed an immediate improvement in the stove performance and would thoroughly recommend fitting a Windkat Cowl if people are experiencing problems with poor draw/backdraft.

Please feel free to add my comments to your site! Great product and works as advertised!

Many thanks,

Al Black



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