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fed up with your fire smoking you out?

  • engineered
    Not only cures downdraught but stabilises draw like no other cowl on the market
  • nomoving
    No moving parts
    Windkat is static and therefore avoids the dangers associated with moving parts.
  • temperature
    Windkat is rated up to 600 C - more than many other cowls
  • warranty
    10 Year Warranty
    Windkat comes with an industry leading 10 year manufacturers warrantee
  • money
    Windkat WILL cure your downdraught problems or your money back! 

Well Philip , having tested your Windkat cowl , I have to report that it has performed exceptionally well in all weather conditions , including some 50/60mph winds.As a result we have been able to have fires which last year would have been out of the question. Once again thanks... Read More

"we have been able to have fires which last year would have been out of the question"

Here’s a bit of feedback about the Windkat… I fitted a multifuel stove into our cafe in North Berwick, Scotland. We are right by the sea so prone to strong winds. The cafe roof is single story and surrounded by three story buildings so down draughts were making the stove... Read More

Adam Elder - whynotnorthberwick

We ordered this cowl early December, it arrived five days later really well boxed and protected. We could not access the chimney top till just after Christmas due to the poor weather. We then got to the existing pot and took off the bird guard and checked the pot itself... Read More

M Northcott (Windkat for chimney pots 196mm)

I fitted my wood burning stove last year. Since the first time that it was lit the room would fill with smoke. It was so bad that all of the windows had to be opened and the room vacated. It was also very difficult to light taking 2 or 3... Read More

Windkat - "it does what it says on the can!"

The Windkat you supplied has been fitted for two weeks now, and as I expected the results have been extraordinary! For the first time since the house was built in 1974 there is no longer any sign of downdraughts from the chimney, even in the highest winds. Fires burn much... Read More

Tony, UK (Windkat for Chimney Pot)

I wanted to update you on the chimney cowl I purchased from you. In short, it worked. I’ve had an oil stove installed in the house for about 8 years, and this is the first winter it worked correctly. Prior to installing the cowl we could only turn the stove... Read More

Doug. Nova Scotia, CANADA (windkat for chimney without pot)

Hygge, Gemütlichkeit!

It was the desire for warmth, evenings round the fire with friends and good cheer that led Klaus to invent the Windkat Chimney Cowl. Too many evenings had been ruined with a smoking fireplace at the mercy of the weather. Having tried all the existing solutions on the market without success, there was nothing left for Klaus to do - he must invent a better performing and more reliable product.
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