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Stunning Windkat Cowl installation in Malta cures smoke and smell issues...

Thank you for such a professional and swift service. We are so please with our Windkat's, which have finally solved the long and on going smoke and smell issues in our home. We will be recommending this product to all our friends and neighbours here in Malta. 

All the best from Malta.

The Windkat Cowl cures smokey fireplace in Wine Bar

Good afternoon, 

I have attached a few Windkat photos when the weather was nice. Both Windkat's are working amazingly well and we couldn't be more happy. No more smoke or downdraught ruining the restaurant atmosphere. Thank you for the great service and support. 

Many thanks 

Diana R

Windkat Cowl cures failed Gas Fire spillage test

Hi Windkat Cowls,

Our Windkat cowl has now been fitted, and good news, the chimney now works. The gas fire, that previously failed its spillage test, this time round passed with flying colours.

Thank you for all your help.

Best wishes

Paul G

Windkat Cowl for Chimney Pots

Just to feedback; we are very impressed with your cowl. It's as good as the testimonials say and has certainly cured our problem. It looks the part too.
Thanks for your help.
Attached photo shows splendid cowl:

Windkat Cowl reduces Black Carbon and reduces wood consumption

Dear Sir or Madam,

I Installed my new Windkat on Wednesday and am really excited about its product.

The stove no longer smokes when lit, draws clean and can be much better controlled than my previous rotating cowl, which stopped rotating after 1.5 years.

On Saturday and Sunday we enjoyed the calm flames without the slightest smell of soot at long last. We are using far less wood as we previously were and couldn't be happier. 

I did not think this product would work so well so quickly.

I'm really looking forward to a nice non-smoking stove in my cosy living room.

Best regards

H. S.

The Windkat provides cosiness in the Mountains for Hotel owner

Hi team Windkat,

I wanted to send you a quick review after these cold winter months in the mountains. The Windkat has provided cosiness for both in the hotel and in our private household for a pleasant good-pulling stove at long last. As seen here at the Alststaufner Einkehr in Oberstaufen.

All the best


Difficult Stove burns beautifully again thanks to the Windkat Cowl

Hello Windkat Cowls,

I have recently purchased a Windkat Cowl and I have now tried it at long last and I must say I am completely thrilled. There is no more smoke in the living room, no matter what direction the wind is, it makes no difference to the Windkat it works like a dream. The flame burns beautifully and the release of heat with my not so great stove has increased significantly. This investment has paid off.

All the best,

Simon P 


Windkat Cowl works in all weather conditions.


I fitted a Windkat cowl to the flue from my woodburning stove a few months ago.  The stove has been in regular use since, in all weathers, and the Windkat has transformed its performance.  The flue is to the front of the roof face and lower than the ridge, fully exposed to winds from the south or south-west.  Originally, it had only a rain cap.  Any wind onto the roof made the stove susceptible to downdraft and smoking, or to excessive draw.  In strong winds, I had to play with opening and closing doors and windows in the room to balance the pressure and allow the stove to work at all.  I was a bit sceptical of anti-downdraught cowls after disappointing results with a cowl of a different make on another flue, but I decided to try the Windkat as it claimed to be properly designed and engineered.  I am very glad I did, the stove is now well behaved with even the strongest winds barely affecting the flames.  Great product!

Best regards,

Windkat Cowl Van installation cures trouble in severe winds in the French Alps

Hi Windkat,

         I've been living in my van in the French alps for a few seasons now and never had trouble with my flue until this year. Where were parked gets some pretty severe winds and I was having loads of trouble with downdraught and my carbon monoxide alarm going off nightly. It was a real pain. 
     I researched and windkat got good reviews. And here I am adding my great review. I fitted one 2 weeks ago and firstly its totally stopped my downdraught, secondly, my fire is so easy to light now, the flue is always pulling. So cheers Windkat, your customer service is great too. 
     I'm sitting in, fire on, gale blowing outside and no problems. 
        Many thanks

Windkat Cowl for Twin wall Flues (Northampton)

Hello Windkat,

I would like to thank you very much for your help and assistance with our fire. The Windkat is mounted! And what can I say: It works flawlessly. The time when I had to use and light newspaper in our stove is finally over. Our room doesn't get filled with toxic newspaper smoke anymore. I'm very happy and happy to have made the decision to install the Windkat. Thank you for the good advice and I wish you all a Happy new Year for 2018.

Greetings from N.

Family S.

Windkat Chimney Pot Installation cures Downdraught problems

Hello Windkat Cowls,

The Windkats arrived as promised and have now been installed along side the previous Windkat we installed some years ago after trying numerous unsuccessful cowls. Now all the appliances are working fine with no downdraught problems so far.

Kind regards


The "Magical" Windkat Cowl cures Downdraught on a Low Flue Top

I just thought I’d share a few photos with you in celebration of finally being able to use our log burner.  We now have one very happy cat.
The previous owners had a non HETAS engineer install the fire and I can only guess that they never used it as the down draught was awful due to the flue top being too low.
Step in the magical Windkat and we now have a nice set of flames going.

A Unique Windkat Installation

A unique Windkat Cowl project and installation has been completed. The fire draws beautifully and has created a great cosy place to relax and chill. Even though the flue is only 2.5m in length the Windkat has created an even steady draw, even during these cold winter nights. 

Thank you so much for all your help and assistance.


Martin Rall


The Windkat Cowl system helps even in the most extreme conditions!

Hello, Surely you can still remember our conversation. We own a house on the Vesteralen (about 300km north of the Arctic Circle). As you can see in the attached pictures, we have a 300m high mountain directly behind the house. As a result, the wind is all over the place and causes havoc on our property. With the original mounted chimney cowl, it happened again and again that the wind was blowing the smoke through the stove on the first floor and into the living room. It became so bad we didn't light the stove and had given up. Since the installation of the Windkat, we have had incredible results starting with an even flame and fire in our stove. Even in high and unpredictable wind directions the fire burns beautifully and the smoke issue has vanished into thin air. Great invention! Many Thanks D.S.


Windkat Cowl cures smoking stove and fireplace

Hello, I installed my new Windkat on my stainless steel chimney flue and immediately tested the effect of it. We had high winds that I can only compare to the likes of autumn and spring storms. We lit our stove for the first time a few weeks ago and have not looked back since. The flames were calm and we had no smoke filling up the stove and trying to escape the seems. Its been a frustrating few years and we now look forward to a stress free winter. Thank you so much for your help and for such an excellent product. Attached are photos with our previous cowl which didn't work at all and the new Windkat Cowl.  Greetings L. K. 

Spinning Cowl or a Windkat Cowl???

Hi there,

I have just replaced my spinning flue cap with the Windkat Cowl and would like to tell you what a difference it's made!

Due to our installation the flue is towards the minimum length allowable. A spinning cowl was fitted to assist with the draw, however due to the prevailing wind and surrounding structure it would only spin on a rare occasion.

Whilst the stove has remained usable and I absolutely love it, on some gusty days we would have issues with backdraft and on seriously windy days we've even had smoke being forced out of the stove through the air inlet into the room!

It was after the recent high winds that I stumbled upon the Windkat Cowl. As an aircraft engineer I recognised the principle behind the design (aircraft fuel systems use high pressure fuel to induce a motive flow in a jet pump) and knew it would be ideal for my installation.

Whilst it's still early days, I've noticed an immediate improvement in the stove performance and would thoroughly recommend fitting a Windkat Cowl if people are experiencing problems with poor draw/backdraft.

Please feel free to add my comments to your site! Great product and works as advertised!

Many thanks,

Al Black



Windkat chimney Cowl installation in the heart of Hampshire

Hi Philip,

We have now had the Windkat installed for around a month and have had successful after successful after successful fire without any issues.

We had two installation companies visit our property and both said that they would not install a wood burner as they were 80-90% sure that it wouldn't work in our location. We live very close to trees and have a steep garden so they were assuring me that downdraft was sure to be a major issue. I tried to explain to one fitter about the Windkat cowl and how different they are from others, but he wouldn't listen to me and said that he they are all the same...

Went to the third company and mentioned about the downdraft concern but that I intend to install a Windkat cowl. The site survey was done and they were going to use a premium flue system with the Windkat and were very confident that it will work.

So far so good. We have seen the smoke blowing down so know that it is certainly working well as the fire seems to light and burn well. 

After many conversations with you, I am so glad that I took the plunge and had the burner installed with a Windkat on the flue. The company who installed the wood burner are so impressed, they will be giving it a recommendation to other clients that have the same issue. It works well and looks really cool too.

Great product and we are very happy and extremely toasty...

Kind regards


Windkat 148mm Plug-in (Black) for Twin Wall System

Good afternoon.

I recently purchased and (easily) self installed my Windkat a few weeks ago. For a product to get a review from me it's either truly awful or extremely good! Yours very definitely falls into the second category. We've had a troublesome stove in our kitchen for a number of years. It was so unpredictable we hardly used it and almost regretted fitting it. Today has been my first proper test. I lit the fire in a way (deliberately) that would have been a disaster previously and the stove drew beautifully. I am flabbergasted at the difference. A really windy or cold and still day will be the final test but so far it's looking really great. Photo available as an addition to my words should you like one. Thank you again.

Follow up email: 

Lit it in the wind last night, absolutely no problems at all. Wish everything did it's job as well as your product!


Terracotta Windkat Cowl 180 Baseplate

Now that the days are getting shorter and the outside temperatures are getting colder, the time has come when using your fireplace or stove will increases the cosiness of your home. To ensure this becomes a reality, the Windkat Cowl is the only solution.

We are delighted that the Windkat has once again solved another customers open fireplace issue, lack of draw and smokey room problems. The Windkat was also colour matched against the customers unique chimney stack which they are extremely proud of. 
These are just some of the reasons a Windkat Cowl can transform your home for the better. 

Windkat Cowl in the Swiss Alps

Your Windkat Cowl has been installed and our stove is finally drawing beautifully again after years of stress. I have attached some photos for you.

Thank you for your excellent service and product. 

M Dallenbach



Windkat Cowl for Ventilation purposes

Dear Mr. Goerlach,

As promised, I would like to review one of our results concerning the Windkat Cowl.

I have attached two pictures for you which shows the problems of the flue set up and wall mounting set up. As a restriction on the height was an issue we only needed to use a 90 ° angle flue and then the installation of the Windkat itself. The purpose of the Windkat was to take over manually when our ventilation system is turned off inside the building.

As far as the Windkat is concerned and the operation of the system, we can not yet determine any clear results since we have only been able to test it in a few occasions but so far the results have been outstanding and we are so happy.

With regards to the  Windkat working and being successful it was clear after switching off the ventilation fan, because then we were able to establish that a stable air pressure is present. We had tried many other Cowls with no luck and wasting our money but now we can finally relax and get a clean efficient ventilation 24hours a day automatically and now manually. 

I would like to thank you very much for having helped us with the ventilation issues we had and helping us choose the right Windkat Cowl. We are also grateful for helping us get a constant even draw and air flow with our ventilation system once its turned off and has to work manually.

Sincerely, / Kind regards

David Delly

Project Engineer Team Process Engineering

Professor Dr. Berg

Craig Ryan (Windkat 125mm Black for Chimney Flue System)

Hello Windkat Cowls, I hope your well! Please find attached a couple of pics / small clips of the Windkat in action. Been really impressed with it, working really well. Stove is pulling brilliant with it now. Also Philip have you had any orders from Wigan yet? If not you can be expecting some because I have been in regular contact with the company that fitted my stove - They actually now tell any potential customers with a shorter flue that they would recommend to fit a Windkat cowl, how good is that? Also they text me in the week to ask me where I ordered my Windkat from so I put them onto the website.

Craig Ryan


Troy Archer (Manchester) 196mm Windkat Plug-in for Flues

A big thank you for the Windkat Cowl that we purchased through the company that fitted our log burner. It has resolved our down draft problems entirely after some agonising winters.

Kind regards

Troy Archer

Julian - Windkat Baseplate 400mm (Cornwall)

Dear Windkat Cowls Ltd,

Just to let you know that the new cowl is fitted and working extremely well. We haven’t yet had a full Cornish gale but in all other circumstances the chimney has drawn as it should with no sign of any downdraft. Many thanks for all your help.

Kind regards