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Windkat 148mm Plug-in (Black) for Twin Wall System

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Good afternoon.

I recently purchased and (easily) self installed my Windkat a few weeks ago. For a product to get a review from me it's either truly awful or extremely good! Yours very definitely falls into the second category. We've had a troublesome stove in our kitchen for a number of years. It was so unpredictable we hardly used it and almost regretted fitting it. Today has been my first proper test. I lit the fire in a way (deliberately) that would have been a disaster previously and the stove drew beautifully. I am flabbergasted at the difference. A really windy or cold and still day will be the final test but so far it's looking really great. Photo available as an addition to my words should you like one. Thank you again.

Follow up email: 

Lit it in the wind last night, absolutely no problems at all. Wish everything did it's job as well as your product!