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The Windkat Cowl cures AGA flue Downdraught problems

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Dear Windkat Team,
I write by way of an update. We had the windkat fitted two weeks ago and had the flue swept at the same time. We had the Aga serviced and re-lit. Since it was re-lit we have had nearly unremitting high winds including 60mph gusts over the last few days as “storm Gareth” has hit. 
What an incredible product the Windkat is! We have had no downdraught at all! None! In our quest to cure the Aga flue downdraught problem we’ve had a rotorvent and a eurocowl. The rotorvent cured downdraught in low winds but the house would have been full of smoke and the Aga sooted up in these conditions. The eurocowl was even worse. Under the current wind conditions we would have had flames shooting out around the edges of the fire door, the fire valve would trip and the Aga turned off. 
The Windkat has completely cured the problem. An outstanding piece of engineering, worth every penny. 

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