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Double walled / Twin walled flue with Windkat Cowl cures Downdraught at long last...

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Dear Windkat Cowls,

Following, on from your email I went ahead and ordered a 'Windkat Cowl', and it arrived last week. Within 3 days of me placing the order. What a service.

On Saturday last it was fitted by a representative. The Company that installed the original fire and flue.

The fire was lit that evening and the transformation was amazing. There was no down draft and the experience of smoke drifting off the top of the fire was nil and a much better draw up the chimney was evident. The fire burnt throughout the evening with a much brighter intensity.   

I am so pleased that I came across your companies product because I was on the brink of putting a heating element at the base of the external stack.

You have a wonderful product and I wish every success with the unit. 

Yours sincerely,

Robert C.

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