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Windkat - "it does what it says on the can!"

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I fitted my wood burning stove last year. Since the first time that it was lit the room would fill with smoke. It was so bad that all of the windows had to be opened and the room vacated. It was also very difficult to light taking 2 or 3 attempts. In an effort to resolve the problem I added another length of twin wall piping to no avail.
I did a bit of investigation on the internet and came upon your product. It looked to be just the job and with the money back guarantee where could I go wrong.
Well the WindKat arrived and I fitted it straight away which was simplicity itself. I lit the fire (first time) and there was no smoke in the room at all. You could see it in the fire but it wasn't escaping. As well as curing the smoke and lighting problems it also seems to make the fire burn more efficiently. Previously it would blaze away getting through the fuel at a rate of knots.
I am a bit of a sceptic and wanted to be sure that this was not a one off. I am extremely happy to report that it was not - since then I have had several fires and encountered none of the previous problems.
In conclusion, I am extremely happy with the product and would recommend it without hesitation - it does what it says on the can!
Many thanks
Mr Stone