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Tony, UK (Windkat for Chimney Pot)

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The Windkat you supplied has been fitted for two weeks now, and as I expected the results have been extraordinary! For the first time since the house was built in 1974 there is no longer any sign of downdraughts from the chimney, even in the highest winds. Fires burn much better and much more consistently since the updraught is also consistent.

Given the ovality of the chimney pot, I made up a clamping system from stainless steel, as we discussed, and that made fitting the cowl a five minute job, tightening two screws. It also means that removing it for any reason would also be a five minute job. The clamp deals easily with the ovality of the pot.

Over a number of years I had tries several different sorts of cowls, none of which were cheap, and none of which worked. I could have saved some money by buying one of yours in the beginning!

Thanks for your untiring help with this project. I would happily recommend a Windkat to anyone with a downdraught problem, and I will do so.