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M Northcott (Windkat for chimney pots 196mm)

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We ordered this cowl early December, it arrived five days later really well boxed and protected.

We could not access the chimney top till just after Christmas due to the poor weather. We then got to the existing pot and took off the bird guard and checked the pot itself as well as cleaning the inside of the pot. We checked the Windkat fitted the pot snugly which it did. We warmed up the mastic supplied, carefully applied it to the cowl and placed the cowl into the pot. All done in about 15 minutes with no problem.

Since installing, the log burner has lit easily and draught has been more consistent than before. Overnight burning has been easier too. The reason we wanted this Cowl being that we live in the North of Scotland in a valley, close to a wood. When the wind is in a SW direction we were getting serious downdraught and smoke filling the room. Having now used the cowl for several weeks without much wind, we have last evening had high gusting wind from the SW, NO smoke!

We can only say that we are delighted with the product, it is well made, easy to fit and does what it says it will do. Expensive maybe, but the end result is excellent and the cowl will last for years, unlike its cheaper competitors.



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