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Windkat Cowl for Chimney Stacks - Terracotta

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Choosing the right size Windkat

Windkat is available in a variety of popular sizes to fit most flue pipes, chimney pots and chimney stacks.

Windkat for Chimney Stacks without Pots comes in 6 popular sizes from 125-300mm and is installed by fixing (with screws) to the top of relatively flat chimney stacks (usually of brick or concrete/cement construction in the UK). Simply choose the Windkat size that is equal to or larger than the internal diameter of your flue. The Windkat diameter should be as close as possible to the size of the flue, but never smaller for this configuration. e.g. if your flue at the top has a diameter of 190mm you should choose the Windkat 200mm and not the Windkat 180mm. 

See the size Guide here

We include a tube of heat resistant silicone to seal the fit between the baseplate and the chimney stack. 

We can manufacture Windkat to virtually any size by special order.

Choosing Windkat extras if you need them

Wire Mesh for Gas Fires (+ £25)

If the flue to which the Windkat is to be fitted serves a Gas appliance, then by UK law, wire mesh must be added to cover the cowl opening. This optional Extra can only be ordered with the Windkat (not possible to retro fit).

Flexible liner suspending modification (+ 28)

We also offer an optional extra enabling the Windkat to be used as a flexible liner suspending cowl. The size of cowl will then need to be chosen to fit inside the flexible liner rather than the pot.

Choosing a Windkat Colour (£24)

Most customers choose Windkat in its standard stainless steel form, however we can powder coat our products in 3 standard colours (black, terracotta, anthracite) for an additional charge.

We can also manufacture Windkat in virtually any RAL shade and specialist finish by special order.

Shipping charges

For orders placed with us online, we can ship direct to your door from our warehouse in Germany with delivery taking approximately 7-10 working days.

  • We offer FREE shipping to most of Mainland UK.
  • Unfortunately charges apply (at courier cost) for Highlands, Islands & Northern Ireland - currently this is £25.00 including vat.
  • Contact your local dealer for stock enquiries.  
  • Shipping to France is £15.00
  • Shipping to Ireland is £15.00

Please Note:
Free returns are not available unless there is a fault with your Windkat.
Please check your parcel is not damaged before accepting it.

ATTENTION: if you have made a return and requested an exchange of the product originally ordered, the new shipment addressed to you may be subject to import taxes by the Customs Authorities.

The Ideal Anti Downdraught Cowl for Chimney Stacks - Terracotta

    • Takes moments to install - simply slot in using the heat resistant sealant provided 
    • Not only cures downdraught but stabilises draw like no other cowl on the market
    • Windkat is static and therefore avoids the dangers associated with moving parts. 
    • Windkat is rated up to 600 C - more than many other cowls
    • Windkat has been certified by the Environment Agency of Bavaria (Germany) as an energy saving device. Optimum flue draw leads to fuel saving and pollution reduction through a cleaner burn. 
    • Also acts as a Bird and Rain guard
    • Windkat comes with an industry leading 10 year manufacturers warrantee. 
    • Windkat WILL cure your downdraught problems or your money back! 
    • Available with a wire mesh for gas appliances (optional extra)


      Windkat complies with all British, European and German Standards

      The Windkat cowl has been solving chimney problems in Germany for over 10 years. It is recommended by the German Chimney Sweeps Association and has been rigorously tested by the TUV (technical control board), Thuringen National Institute for the environment, Technical University of Munich, Bavarian Environmental Agency, Martin-Luther University Halle and the Technical university of Dresden. It complies with the European norm 13384-1 as well as the DIN norm 18160 and the demands of the FeuVO.