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Windkat Cowl works in all weather conditions.

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I fitted a Windkat cowl to the flue from my woodburning stove a few months ago.  The stove has been in regular use since, in all weathers, and the Windkat has transformed its performance.  The flue is to the front of the roof face and lower than the ridge, fully exposed to winds from the south or south-west.  Originally, it had only a rain cap.  Any wind onto the roof made the stove susceptible to downdraft and smoking, or to excessive draw.  In strong winds, I had to play with opening and closing doors and windows in the room to balance the pressure and allow the stove to work at all.  I was a bit sceptical of anti-downdraught cowls after disappointing results with a cowl of a different make on another flue, but I decided to try the Windkat as it claimed to be properly designed and engineered.  I am very glad I did, the stove is now well behaved with even the strongest winds barely affecting the flames.  Great product!

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