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Windkat Cowl for Ventilation purposes

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Dear Mr. Goerlach,

As promised, I would like to review one of our results concerning the Windkat Cowl.

I have attached two pictures for you which shows the problems of the flue set up and wall mounting set up. As a restriction on the height was an issue we only needed to use a 90 ° angle flue and then the installation of the Windkat itself. The purpose of the Windkat was to take over manually when our ventilation system is turned off inside the building.

As far as the Windkat is concerned and the operation of the system, we can not yet determine any clear results since we have only been able to test it in a few occasions but so far the results have been outstanding and we are so happy.

With regards to the  Windkat working and being successful it was clear after switching off the ventilation fan, because then we were able to establish that a stable air pressure is present. We had tried many other Cowls with no luck and wasting our money but now we can finally relax and get a clean efficient ventilation 24hours a day automatically and now manually. 

I would like to thank you very much for having helped us with the ventilation issues we had and helping us choose the right Windkat Cowl. We are also grateful for helping us get a constant even draw and air flow with our ventilation system once its turned off and has to work manually.

Sincerely, / Kind regards

David Delly

Project Engineer Team Process Engineering

Professor Dr. Berg

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