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The Windkat Cowl system helps even in the most extreme conditions!

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Hello, Surely you can still remember our conversation. We own a house on the Vesteralen (about 300km north of the Arctic Circle). As you can see in the attached pictures, we have a 300m high mountain directly behind the house. As a result, the wind is all over the place and causes havoc on our property. With the original mounted chimney cowl, it happened again and again that the wind was blowing the smoke through the stove on the first floor and into the living room. It became so bad we didn't light the stove and had given up. Since the installation of the Windkat, we have had incredible results starting with an even flame and fire in our stove. Even in high and unpredictable wind directions the fire burns beautifully and the smoke issue has vanished into thin air. Great invention! Many Thanks D.S.


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