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Peter and Judith, Lincoln

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Dear Windkat,  I am writing following the purchase of a Windkat Chimney Cowl in October 2012.  I have delayed contacting you until the Windkat had been in place for a while and we had experienced high wind conditions. All I can say is this is probably one of the best products we have ever bought, we are 100% satisfied - the Windkat has made a huge difference to our quality of life !   We have an open coal fire in our lounge and have suffered terribly from down draught resulting in a smoke filled house.   Last year we had to give up lighting the fire when it was windy as it was such a liability - constantly having to endure very unpleasant  plumes of acrid smoke filling our living room.   We turned to the Windkat in desperation.  It is an expensive product and a big initial outlay but we we felt reassured by the 60 day guarantee and having read the positive feedback from previous customers we went ahead and bought one. From the first day we installed it we have been totally smoke free, it is just fantastic, I can honestly say it's the only product that has fully lived up to what it promises. We are 100% delighted with it, thank you Windkat for a wonderful product.  Regards,

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