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K Hill. Todmorden (Windkat for Aga)

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It is now 3 months since installation and it has been in constant use during that time. It has been subjected to a variety of weather conditions, some quite servere with gale force winds and heavy rain from all sectors. It has performed well during all of these conditions without any trace of fumes from downdrafts. Other forms of cowls which I have previously had installed have failed to cope with all of these types of conditions as effectively as the Windkat has done. There has only been one occasion when there was a small trace of a smell of oil fumes but only for a very short time.  The weather conditions on this occasion were very still with a mist. These are quite unusual in this location. The smell cleared very quickly and wasn't a problem. Atmospheric pressure was the likely cause, I think. I am very satisfied with the performance of the cowl which since its installation has made our lives a lot more tolerable than they have been in this regard for some time. May I take this opportunity of thanking you for your help and wish you a very happy Christmas. Kind regards,

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