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Steps to getting your Windkat installed

The Windkat can be a DIY installation. Installation is simple, with the main consideration being access to your chimney to measure and install. If you don't fancy climbing up to your chimney, most chimney sweeps, builders, roofers or your local 'handy - person' will easily manage it.

Before purchasing your Windkat you will need to know the internal diameter (ideally in mm) of your chimney flue at the top where the Windkat will be installed. An accurate measurement is important as the Windkat must match your internal flue diameter as closely as possible to be fully effective and to fit. If you have a rigid metal flue pipe or flexible flue liner (as apposed to a basic brick chimney for instance) you may be able to fin d the internal diameter on any documentation you received from the flue supplier without having to measure at the top.

Some houses with chimney stacks don't have round flues. In that case measure the flue at its widest point.

Once you know the diameter of your flue you can find and purchase the right size and configuration of Windkat.

Once installed your Windkat will start working immediately and should you have any queries please don't hesitate to contact us.