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Craig (Devon) Windkat 125mm Plug-in

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Hello again I hope you have had a great Christmas and New Year. I just thought I would get back in touch with you whilst the Windkat is on! The product is amazing and my stove is like a new one but with one minor problem, there is still smoke coming back into the room when I open the stove door, but nowhere near as much! It tends to be when there is not much wind outside and it is calm...maybe my flue is too short? On the other hand my stoves glass is no longer black, it is clear! And also my stove is a lot more responsive ( I can actually shut it down now when up to temp) which I could not do before. Also I can easily tell that efficiency has been greatly improved! I am really happy Philip it's just a shame about the little bit of smoke sometimes coming back into the room a bit. 

Speak to you soon, regards, Craig (Devon)