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Robin Foster. Exeter (Windkat for Chimney pot with downdraught)

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As wood a burner novice I knew little or nothing of the complexities of wood burning stoves and their various accessories, but it was clear from my research the choice of cowl was just as important as the choice of the stove itself. As the research progressed it also became very clear I was spoilt for choice in terms of both design and price when it came to the cowl. Aware southwest England is particularly prone to strong winds and gales in the winter months, I was keen to ensure the chosen cowl should have a proven track record when it came to coping  with down-draught problems. It was also important to get it right first time if I were to avoid return visits to the top of our chimney! The Windkat appeared to fit the bill, albeit at a premium price.
Our wood burner, a Hwam 3110, was installed just before Christmas together with a Windkat 150 plug-in and the initial results were excellent with plenty of draw in the stove itself. The next test would be how well it coped with down-draughts and the answer was to come sooner than expected on Boxing Day evening, when the west country experienced some very strong winds. Whilst the weather outside remained rough there was absolutely no indication of this within the stove, which continued to draw in exactly the same manner as it had done on calm days. Even when the stove was opened to refuel there was no evidence of any down-draught whatsoever.
Thus far the Windkat has performed very well and I would happily recommend this chimney cowl to any potential customers. No, it wasn’t the cheapest cowl on the market, but it’s well made from quality materials and 'Does exactly what is says on the tin’. Hopefully the Windkat will also prove to be a wise longterm investment.

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