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I just wanted to let you know how delighted we are with the cowl that we purchased from you.  Having spent the last 3 winters being smoked out and permanently smelling of smoke (embarrassing for the children at school) we ordered your Windkat cowl. We had been experiencing problems when the wind changed direction and at times the draught coming down the chimney was so strong that we couldn't even light the fire, it was blowing out the flame.  From the first time we lit the fire we noticed the difference. The fire drew immediately with a whoosh and we didn't experience any of the difficulties we had previously had to struggle with to get the fire started. Once going, it was apparent that the fire was burning alot better, the glass window in the door was clear, previously it had been black, and the flames were moving in a different way. Even when the wind wasn't blowing in the problematic direction, the fire has been burning better and more efficiently and has been easy to light. The true test came when we experienced very strong winds. Being high up on the side of the hill we are very exposed to the wind which during this period were very squally (this again usually caused problems). The fire was again easy to light and with baited breath we waited for the house to fill with smoke. Luckily, it didn't happen.   I am now a very happy lady. My house no longer stinks, my windows aren't permanently black and my children don't smell of bonfire!

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