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I delayed in replying back to you since we have bought the Windcat in April. We have read all the good reviews but wanted to check out ourselves before coming back to you.  The verdict, it is an excellent product. On Madeira the wind is quite unique, coming down the mountain, blowing down your chimney. We are ex South Africans and believe me, we know how to build chimneys for bbq’s but normal rules does not apply here. It was desperation that we have ordered one of the Windkat Cowls. We have added a new bbq room to our house and with all the smoke coming down the chimney it was rendered useless for all practical reasons except on windless days. Since we have added the Windkat our problem is solved, we can use the room 365 days a year, even in the worst storms.  Thanks again for a great product that really works.  Best regards