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Making your Fireplace or Stove more Efficient

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Installing the most efficient wood fired heating system or increasing your existing fire's efficiency is worthwhile and becoming increasingly so as the price of fuel increases. While significant improvements can be achieved by choosing the best possible low moisture content fuel, there is now another step that can be taken for new installations or retrofitted to existing systems. A fire is completely dependent on the flue that serves it. A flue that doesn't work properly gives the fire below little chance of working effectively. The ideal flue provides minimum resistance to exhaust gases and promotes a steady even draw. The majority of flues struggle to achieve these optimum conditions but installing a Windkat can improve flue conditions significantly. The steady even draw promoted by the Windkat has been shown to increase fireplace and stove efficiency by up to 20% with a minimum improvement of 5%. The Bavarian Ministry for the Environment has confirmed this. Apart from the obvious cost savings of reducing fuel consumption, additional advantages include pollution and soot reduction as a more efficient and complete burn is also a cleaner burn. The Windkat allows for cleaner and more efficient burning so join us in creating a better environment for us all and reducing black carbon.

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