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Fire goes out over night. Doesn't work well when turned down?

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If you've tried to keep your stove burning low over night, but as soon as you turn it down it seems to go out then the Windkat could help. Its very disappointing coming down to a stone cold stove in the morning when what you were hoping for is gently smouldering embers that are effortlessly coaxed back into life. When turned right down, stoves are more susceptible to poorly performing flues and without a steady even draw, fires easily go out. Its expensive and inconvenient to own a fire that only works well when its roaring through logs. The Windkat will maintain a steady even draw in your flue transforming troublesome fires into more manageable and useful appliances.  Not just for downdraught and weather related problems, the Windkat increases the efficiency and usability of open fires and wood burning stoves.