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Windkat Installation Instructions for flue pipes and chimney pots

Thank you for choosing the Windkat. Please read the information below carefully and email us on should you have any queries.

Please take safety precautions when climbing up to the chimney

  • Wear protective gloves when handling the Windkat as the edges are sharp
  • Only install the Windkat if your chimney is intact
  • Do not install if there is a risk of lightning.

Please make sure your flue is safe and meets building regulations before installing the Windkat. Getting a qualified Chimney Sweep to sweep and check your chimney is a good way to do this.

This guide is for installing Windkat for flue pipes and chimney pots

For chimneys without pots please click here
For flexy liner attachments please click here


Included in delivery:

  • Windkat
  • Plugin Connector
  • Heat resistant sealant

Tools Required:

  • Gloves

Installation steps:

  1. Slot the plug-in connector into the flue, making sure to seal the gap between the flue pipe and the connector with the heat resistant sealant provided. The connector can be up to 10mm smaller than the flue in diameter, but must be secured with sealant.
  2. IMPORTANT: The Windkat must fit firmly onto the plugin connector. If it slides on/off easily, remove it again and carefully press-in all the injection nozzles by approximately 5mm then push the Windkat all the way onto the plugin connector a gain (this time it should make a firm fit and the nozzles will self adjust).